Exclusive: ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ 2015 Preview

Thanks to our friends at Always J.K. Rowling, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ 2015 Preview at the Warner Bros Studio Tour at Leavesden. From November 13th to January 31st, the Studio Tour are holding this winter celebration with even more animations than last year! We were lucky enough to bring back some pictures and exclusive information to share with you.

Greeted in the entrance hall with a potion-like cocktail and a snowy Christmas tree, we started chatting with some fellow fans about their previous experiences in the Studio Tour. We then queued up as it was already 6pm and the tour was going to start shortly.

After the usual welcoming video ended, the screen lifted up to unveil the doors to The Great Hall decorated with two giant Christmas crowns. Once inside the Great Hall, I was in awe. First because it was our my first time visiting the Studio Tour. Then because everything in the room seemed perfectly set up for Christmas and made the whole room look even more wonderful. We stayed there for a while admiring all the Christmas trees with their magical decorations and all the food on each of the tables. While visiting, make sure you don’t miss the flamed Christmas pudding, it really adds to the Christmas feast atmosphere!

In the next room, the decorated Gryffindor Common Room clearly showed the students enjoyed their Christmas chocolates. Right in front of it, we spotted one of the new add-ons of this year’s Hogwarts in the Snow season: the Goblet of Fire. One of the Warner Bros Studio Tour staff members animated it before or eyes, and showed us how they changed the flame’s colors.

Next stop was the photo booth where we were all given one complimentary picture, choosing between the Ford Anglia one and the broomstick one. For the occasion, we had the opportunity of having a snowy background and all pictures are showing the Hogwarts in the Snow logo.


Making a quick stop at the Burrow where we could spot some snow falling through the windows and tasty Christmas food on the table, we then moved to a special booth added for the winter: Making Snow and Fire. Two of the staff members showed us all kinds of fake snow used on set and explained in which situations they were used, but also how to create a fake fire that looks exactly like a real one.

While walking toward Platform 9 3/4, I saw Eduardo Lima and had the chance to chat with him for a few minutes. Sadly, I was too impressed to ask him everything I should have asked, and he ended up being the one asking me about my visit. We also know that wand choreographer Paul Harris was there during the event.

Platform 9 3/4 was the occasion for us to get another refreshment and some food. We also got treated a free cup of Butterbeer right before going out and taking a look at the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and so on. Right when we stepped out, a magical surprise was awaiting us: it was snowing! Or was it? The Warner Bros Studio Tour made sure we would be able to actually experience Hogwarts in the Snow and while visiting the courtyard you’ll get to take pictures under a fake snow.

When walking up Diagon Alley, we spotted some snow in front of one of the stores. Again, one of the staff members was there to unveil one of the snow-related tricks. If you remember one of the scenes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry walks on a snowy path while under his Invisibility Cloak, you’ll discover how this trick was performed. The gentleman even told us the special effects crew studied how Daniel Radcliffe’s feet and toes were behaving when he was walking to make sure it would look exactly like his real footprints once on screen!

Then it was already time for us to move on to the last part of the tour: the Hogwarts model in the snow. I doubt anything had been added since the last Hogwarts in the Snow season, but as it was my first time visiting the Studio Tour, it didn’t prevent it from being absolutely wonderful. The amount of details and things we don’t get to really see on screen is impressive, and seeing these landscapes under the snow just make them look even more magical.

When making a quick stop at the shop, we saw parts of it were also decorated with snowflakes, and spotted some products for the Hogwarts in the Snow season including a magnet, a set of cards and a new print by MinaLima.

We had a blast at this preview and would like to thank Warner Bros Studio Tour for inviting us to this event, and Eduardo Lima for his absolute kindness!

This report was first published on Always J.K. Rowling.

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